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hair straightener 21 appliances, hair care product
hair straightener 21 appliances, hair care product
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 تاريخ التسجيل : Dec 2010
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افتراضي hair straightener 21 appliances, hair care product

Health Technology Co., Ltd. Taizhou Rimula
0576-86961700 86961333
Health Technology Co., Ltd. Taizhou Rimula

Health Technology Co., Ltd. Taizhou Rimula , formerly known as Taizhou Rimula appliances,ghd hair 09 walk south to visit Longjing Village H, hair care products, founded in 1986, is a professional hair care products equipment development, production and sales of integrated enterprise. for many years pursued the struggle than the struggle and the formation of the current size of Ba Jin : enterprises created an area of 13,000 square meters, construction area of 23,ghd hair straightener,000 square meters and has a professional R & D backbone of the management team of more than fifty, a total of more than 300 employees. Looking at \vibrant, energetic unity and harmony of the situation, which also will be the heart Rimula gather tightly together in their own way, hard, having peace of mind of the work for creating Rimula own brand, make unremitting efforts with . And it is these, as the success of Ba Jin has laid a solid foundation.
two decades of good governance, two decades of excellence, as Rimula won many honors and attention: the hair dryer production, motor, electric clippers, electric plates and other products. Has been through ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, CCC national mandatory product certification, EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing, CE product safety certification EC, GS product safety certification in Germany, C-ETL-US American product safety certification. Ba Jin, Science Hall of Zhejiang Province High-tech SMEs to give the title and was named China's standard corporate integrity unit,ghd australia, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture comprehensive quality standards units, and was awarded the Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Branch of AA + grade corporate credit ratings, etc. .
enterprise technical force: have a professional R & D team, from product design to tooling investment and development,hair straightener Sharon Philips → Ceramic Straig, to the injection molding machine, to the finished product performance testing, from beginning to end are in the company independently, and the processes are a professional position responsible officers to monitor the whole track until the qualified shipping and product quality are strictly protected. Brand Rimula, Salong, Ba Jin,Hair straightener - Supply fashion multifunctional straight hair, straight hair style multifunctional device, all in stylish multi-functional hair curler Huicong, the West was God, Faainisi and other products, have been famous trademark Yung, promotional products famous Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang famous brand, famous brand in China, Hong Kong International Patent Fair 2002 Gold Medal, 26 th Asia hair products, make-up contest specified in eastern China, and has a number of technical patents.
Here, Ba Jin will continue to uphold the \Tomorrow, to achieve \
feel Rimula, approached Rimula.

appliances, hair care products Taizhou, Taizhou electric hair dryer plywood,GOLD GHD CLASSIC STYLER, negative ion air purifier, Taizhou, then hair straightener


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