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Tiny Love DVD MagIQ - Tiny the Dog
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افتراضي Tiny Love DVD MagIQ - Tiny the Dog

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Tiny Love DVD MagIQ - Tiny the Dog

AVI | 418 MB

Wonderful,responsive plush companion with a rich vocabulary reacts in real timeto the scenes and activities in the DVD with a wide variety ofexclamations and spoken language.
For ages 3.12 mos.This toyis very cool! Our baby, 6 months old, loves it and cannot stop staringat the TV. I am not the kind of person who loves TV for babies, but thistoy is different. It is so engaging and right on target for babies - itplays peek-a-boo, asks what is behind the door, sings simple songs, allin bright, eye catching colors. As an early childhood educator, I cansay with confidence that this toy is developmentally appropriate, whichmeans it is at the right level for our baby, and is truly a fun learningtool for him.

My son has loved this from the day he got it at 6months old, and he is now 11 months old. He actually sits still to watchit the whole 30 minutes! He laughs when the animals play peek-a-boo,and bounces around when he sees the other babies. I expected it to besimilar to the Baby Einstein videos, but it is not the same at all. Icant wait to get him the next one for his 1st birthday! A greatinvestment with hours of fun!



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