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Presentations in English
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افتراضي Presentations in English

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Erica Williams. "Presentations in English"

Macmillan Education Ltd | 2008-03-31 | ISBN: 0230028780 | 74 pages | PDF, AVI | 3,08GB

Find your voice as a presenter

Presentations in English is the ideal choice for anyone who needs to make presentations in English.

The flexible seven-step approach helps students to 'find their voice' and develop their own unique presentation style.

The course is supplemented by Teacher's notes on our Business English Resource site


•Ideal for self-study and classroom use
•Students can work through the chapters progressively or dip into them to find the skills and language most useful to them
•The book presents language, advice and a range of powerful, up-to-date presentation techniques
•The DVD follows the progress of real students doing their presentation course and is fully integrated with the book. The DVD provides a great source of examples and models as well as clearly showing how the course works.





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