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منتدى المناسبات: منتدى اليوم الوطني منتدى اليوم الوطني

موضوع مغلق
موضوع عن اليوم الوطني بالانجلش
موضوع عن اليوم الوطني بالانجلش
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عضو جديد

بجيله غير متواجد حالياً

 رقم العضوية : 139494
 تاريخ التسجيل : Mar 2006
 المشاركات : 6
 النقاط : بجيله is on a distinguished road

افتراضي موضوع عن اليوم الوطني بالانجلش

اليوم الوطني ..
We view each year's National Day to the Queen brings to mind this important historical event and remains the first of the balance of his days in 1352 etched in the memory of history inscribed in the mind and conscience of the Saudi citizen how not to .... The day that united the King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, may God bless this great diaspora and referred the division and rivalry to the unity and fusion and integration. In these days of our country living atmosphere of this anniversary aromatic (National Day), a suitable immortal and reconsider where generations aware of the great story of the secretariat's leadership .... And meet the people and the inspiration of stories of heroism which line had the founder of this country, King Abdul Aziz "Allah's mercy" which has the grace of God and in his wisdom and statesmanship to change the course of history and led his country and its people to unity, development and prosperity hold on to his faith fixed on religion and values.

That in the life of nations and peoples days are brighter history and today our country's national pure history as a whole as it reflects the march of jihad long fought hero uniform of the late His Highness King Abdulaziz Al Saud - may God rest his soul - and his heroes Mujahideen are parents and grandparents - Allaah have mercy on us all - in order to strengthening the pillars of this entity and standardization .. Under a single banner, a banner of monotheism. As the day was the culmination of the national march of jihad for the unity and uniformity was the start of the path of Jihad, another .. Jihad growth and development and construction of the modern state.

National Day of dear occasion be repeated each year, following which the march of the Renaissance giant known to the homeland and ************ in all areas so that became the Kingdom and in record time in the ranks of advanced countries, but is characterized by many States values and religious heri***e and its protection of the Islamic faith and adopt Islam approach and way of life to become a haven for Muslims, given the Two Holy Mosques and Muslims kiss the greatest attention and has made every gal in Iammarhma Tusathma and are freed of pilgrims and visitors and show another State on the sanctity of Muslims and highlighted in the best-dressed the hope of every Muslim.

The Government has been the kingdom since its creation, the dissemination of science and education of children of the nation and the interest in science, arts and culture and attention to encourage scientific research and maintenance of Arab and Islamic heri***e and its contribution to Arab and Islamic civilization, humanity and built for schools, colleges and universities and the role of science. What has preceded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all fields and refer specifically to health .. We have seen the Kingdom renaissance major health has become a byword and took the causes of modern technology in a program linking the Kingdom's hospitals medical centers and specialized university via satellite around the clock, which increases the accessibility of knowledge and the easy use of the views of other medical enable the diagnosis of some cases that may be in previously requiring a hard journey for such services.
Unite this country by its leader, King Abdul-Aziz - God's mercy - is quite an experience for the international community and one of the successful models in the history of nations and to highlight the approach adopted by the Kingdom in its domestic policy based on the principles of orthodox Islam, as well as in their international relations from the heri***e and civilization and respect for human rights principles in the highest sense, as it is a valuable opportunity to inculcate in the young the meaning of loyalty to those heroes who made the glory of this nation Vicaroa pride and dignity, and instill in them the principles and meanings on which this country since the established rules of the King Abdul Aziz - may Allah have mercy on him - and deepen the spirit of young people the meaning of patriotism and belonging to this nation to continue giving that planting blessed
May God grant everyone in drawing the bright image for more than a century left the island nations of ignorant rival to a nation united in faith and strong faith, rich in its bid and their men and their contribution to civilization .. Bomjadha and proud history

الطالبة /ملاك المالكي
أ. حنان القو
الثانوية الثانية بالمبرز


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